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SAUCE 2016 

Sauce 2016 was a spectacular 3 day marathon of learning, cooking and networking. 

Day one kicked off in Saaremaa with the annual Chef's Cup football match, organized by Peeter Pihel. Over 100 chefs from around the world took part to the game. Saturday 17th of September, finished with "Secrets of Saaremaa" celebration dinner that was ought to remind about the  connection between the food we eat, the land it comes from, the people who put it on your plate .The dinner was cooked by 4 guest chefs: James Bond Kennedy, Andrey Korobyak, Filip Langhoff  and Sasu Laukkonen and  could have not been done without an amazing local team of Alar Aksalu, Risto Laanet and Sander Väärt.


Sunday18.9 was focusing on education. Masterclasses by master minds: Daniel Berlin, Fredrik Malmstedt, Maria Fernanda Di Giacobbe, Adeline Grattard.  Special ingredient knowledge by Brillare. And the "Barbie Dudes" - a casual BBQ dinner cooked by 3 guest chefs: Jaakko Sorsa, Lennox Hastie, Fredrik Malmstedt. 

Sauce Forum 2016 was  held on Monday 20.9 at Nordea Concert Hall. Dozens of talks by world class speakers including chefs, thought leaders and innovators. The event got a spectacular finale by master class dinners: Dinner 1 by Ana Ros. Dinner 2 by Daniel Berlin and Isaac McHale.


Hosts: Mattias Kroon,  Yves Le Lay 


Isaac Mc Hale | The Glove Club, UK 

Christian Puglisi| Relae, Denmark 


Wim Ballieu | Balls & Glory , Belgium

Soren Orbek Ledet| Geranium, Denmark 

Lennox Hastie| Fire Door, Australia

Chloe Doutre-Russle| Chloe Chocolat, France

Charles Spence| University of Oxford, UK

Kalle Ruuskanen| Flow Consulting, Finland